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SEITO's TREX represents the best-in-class Treg cell agonist, which will change the way immune-mediated disorders, including autoimmune and inflammatory diseases are treated.


In healthy individuals, self-reactive immune cells are held in check by specialized immune cells, called regulatory T (Treg) cells. Genetic and environmental factors can compromise the function and amount of Treg cells in susceptible individuals, leading to dysbalanced immune responses that also attack healthy tissues, thus causing autoimmunity and inflammation. The importance of Treg cells in preventing autoimmune and inflammatory diseases has been firmly established in humans where the absence of functional Treg cells triggers autoimmunity and damage to vital organs. Hence, therapeutic strategies to enhance Treg cell function and number address one of the most important causes of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

SEITO's TREX immunotherapy corrects the underlying immune dysbalance in autoimmune patients by selectively activating Treg cells without stimulating effector immune cells. In turn, Treg cells establish immune tolerance and inhibit detrimental effector immune responses.

A novel Treg cell-specific treatment to limit autoimmunity

Mechanism of action

immunebalance TREX.png

At SEITO Biologics, we are engineering Treg cell engagers (TREX) to selectively and safely activate Treg cells with the purpose of dampening harmful, self-directed immune responses. In preclinical studies, SEITO's TREX immunotherapy demonstrated distinct specificity for Treg cells and improved disease in animal models of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.


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