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At SEITO Biologics, we develop targeted cytokine therapies that reinforce our body’s regulatory T cells to restore immune balance.

Our Mission

Tackling autoimmunity with selective Treg cell engagers (TREX)

Balancing act

A well-functioning immune system must respond effectively to dangerous microbes, but it must avoid harming healthy host tissues.


Patients suffering from autoimmune diseases harbour self-reactive immune cells that attack healthy tissues, thereby inflicting serious damage to vital organs.

Innovative treatment

SEITO Biologics’ selective Treg cell engagers (TREX) restore Treg cell function and numbers, thereby rebalancing the immune system.


We believe that SEITO's TREX represents the best-in-class Treg cell agonist, which will change the way immune-mediated disorders, including autoimmune and inflammatory diseases are treated.


We at SEITO Biologics bring together extensive expertise in research and development, clinical care, and business and start-up foundation in the field of cytokines and immunotherapy. Our passion is the development of innovative treatments, meeting the current needs of patients with immune-mediated illnesses.


SEITO Biologics builds on discoveries made at the Department of Immunology at University of Zurich and is a spin-off company of the University of Zurich.

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CFO & Co-founder

Valerie Scholtes has been CFO and a member of several boards since 2008, with extensive experience in management and finance since 1997. After obtaining her MBA degree from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium, including an exchange program at the McGill University in Canada, she has worked for international companies in the U.K., in Luxembourg and in Switzerland.

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CSO & Co-founder

Ufuk Karakus has over 8 years of research experience in immunology, particularly Treg cells and immunotherapy targeting Treg cells.

He developed a clinical candidate of a novel Treg cell engager (TREX) to boost Treg cells. He obtained his PhD from the UZH and was awarded a UZH Entrepreneur Fellowship and an SNF BRIDGE Fellowship. His research resulted in several patent applications that form the basis of SEITO Biologics.

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Dr. med., PhD

CMO & Co-founder

Miro E. Raeber is a clinician-scientist at the Department of Immunology at UZH with over 8 years of clinical and research experience in IL-2 immunotherapy. He conducted the first low-dose IL-2 clinical trial in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus in Switzerland, which provided novel insights into tissue-homing Treg cells. His research contributed to patent applications licensed by SEITO Biologics.

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Prof. Dr. med.

Chairman & Co-founder

Onur Boyman is professor of clinical immunology and director of the Department of Immunology at UZH. His research led to the discovery and development of biased IL-2 immunotherapies and to IL-2-based clinical trials in autoimmunity and cancer. He has authored more than 100 publications and is the inventor of several patent applications on IL-2 immunotherapy. He previously founded a clinical-stage biotech company.

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